Read America(s): An Anthology

12779143_10103752824022404_2582457398336336781_oConsider adding this anthology to your reading list this spring! The editors of Locked Horn Press, a publisher who focuses on contemporary issues in literature, were kind enough to include one of my poems in this anthology. I could not be more thrilled to have my writing appear next to that of Richard Siken, Cynthia Cruz, Jill Alexander EssbaumJericho Brown, Brian Teare, and many other incredibly talented writers.

What makes this anthology so remarkable is the focus on (the) America(s), meaning perhaps the space between borders, languages, and cultures. As I was asked by the editors to answer a few questions dealing with this concept, I was taken aback. What could I say about America(s)? What could I contribute? I had not even been born on this continent, nor was I resident at the time. However, if America(s) meant crossing borders, stuffing two cultures into the drawers of one home, or the voices of the homesick as Valzhyna Mort asserts in her blurb, I could perhaps contribute something to the conversation.

I have not received my copy yet, and knowing how long it takes to ship a book to the other side of the Atlantic (and how long it takes for literature to cross borders), I will have to wait patiently and hope that in the process no more borders, fences, and walls go up.

Here is the back of the anthology with a list of all contributors and two captivating blurbs by Katie Ford and Valzhyna Mort:


Most importantly, the anthology will have its debut at AWP 2016. Look for it at the Locked Horn Press table!