An Instrument for Leaving, Winner of the Slope Editions Book Prize 2013, selected by Dorothea Lasky.


 Das Innenfutter der Wörter, edition keiper, Graz, 2015.

In Journals & Anthologies:
  • 5 Texte erschienen in der Anthologie Wovon zu schreiben ist, edition keiper, 2018.
  • “That’s Where You Disappear” appeared in Women of Resistance: Poems for a New Feminism, OR Books, 2018.
  • “Gravitas,” “Bird Described by Stone,” and “The Duration of War” appeared in Poetry Northwest, Fall 2017.
  • The poem “The Quiet Problem” was published by Alexandria Quarterly, February 2017.
  • “Zweisprachigkeit,” Finalist The Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize, Nimrod International Journal, Fall/Winter 2017.
  • “Wind (Blackbox)” was published in Rhino Journal, 2015.
  • “Feels Like a Glove,” “Carry Distance,” and “Tell me,” Finalist Nazim Hikmet Poetry Prize.
  • “Der Immigrant sucht nach den unbenannten Ländern,” “Monumental,” and “To Begin at Breath,” published in Anomalous Press, Issue 8.
  • “Correspondences, with Birds,” and “Correspondences, with Widow” appeared at Word Riot, March 2013.
  • “Correspondences, with Stairs,” published in Diagram, Issue 13.2.
  • “Nothing Like Weight,” published in Bayou Magazine, Issue 58.
  • “The Mind Is a Dull Scissor,” published in Redivider Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 1.
  • “Soup Is the Language of Our Spine” published in Drunken Boat, Winter 2012
  • “Ohren wachsen,” “Die Motten verlassen uns,” and “Abgelaufene Bilder” published in Lichtungen, Winter 2012.
  • “Body Down” and “The Forest Gives You a Necklace of Hands,” published in Beloit Poetry Journal, Winter 2012.
  • “Semiotics,” The Cincinnati Review, Fall 2012.
  • “The Immigrant Searches the Map for Countries Larger Than His Palm,” published in Guernica Magazine, July 2012.
  • “We Invent Symbols to Prepare Ourselves,” published in Mid-American Review, Winter 2012.
  • “The World Is Too Thin to Win a Beauty Pageant,” published in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg ReviewFall 2012.
  • “A Thousand Ways to Bury the Stars with Fingertips,” published in Crab Creek Review, Summer 2012.
  • “The True Fate of the Bremen Town Musicians, as Told By Trakl,” West Branch, Spring 2012.
  • “Polishing My Father’s Dress Shoes,” Cream City Review, Winter 2011.
  • “Linguistics of Departures” and “We Misplaced Our Tongues on the Bus to Leaving Home,” Weave Magazine, Winter 2011. 
  • “One Way” and “Conservation,” Zoland Poetry Annual, 2011.
  • “On the Corner of Guilt and Ash,” Best New Poets 2010.

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