Piotr Florczyk’s East & West

You can read my review of Piotr Florczyk‘s new book of poems East & West (Lost Horse Press, 2016) at Web Del Sol Review of Books!



Michiganders Post reviews An Instrument

While this happened a few months ago, I still wanted to share this very thoughtful review by Brandon James Anderson. He also interviewed me about my writing process, influences and the book. The full interview will be published in the Old Northwest Review this fall. In the meantime, a preview of our conversation can be found here.

Patrick Gaughan reviews An Instrument for Leaving in Full Stop

“The common myth about the past is that it’s over. It’s not. It’s open to reinterpretation. Past as putty, to shape as one chooses. Roll it back into a ball and pose it again. And again.” – Gaughan

Patrick Gaughan reviews my book and wonders how many flights there are over the Atlantic on a given day.

Beautiful and insightful piece of writing on memory, home, Proust, and An Instrument.

Read the full review here!